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Semi-curing Gel Nail Sticker - Modern Time

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    Republic of Korea
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    2strip(28pcs) + wood stick + mini file
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    Polyurethane, UV
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    Convenience, durability, naturalness
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    self nail stickers
Refreshing S/S season [Color Play Collection]
Quick & Easy
Mix match x Addition
#real gel nail #glossy art #excellent staying power #semi hardening

Twinkle coral
: Bright pink syrup nail base with mother-of-pearl and gold powder for a twinkle look, shining soft syrup nails
It will be the most adorable when you hold it in your hand.

Cream pallet
It is a combination nail design of four colors, and the combination of casual and bouncing colors gives a refreshing and lovely feeling.

Daily daisy
Fresh and lovely nails reminiscent of a picnic in a flower field by mixing and matching daisy drawings and two colorful colors
Daisy flower nails that go well with the season of new beginnings.

Anytime, Anywhere, Anybody Become a Pro
How to apply well Gel Nail Pro
1. Use alcohol or acetone to remove oil from nails.
2. Choose a gel nail strip that fits your nail size.
tip. It is natural to choose a strip that is 10% smaller than your fingernail.
3. After meticulously pasting left and right, cut using nail clippers.
tip. After cutting, press the edges well with a wood stick to attach.
4. After baking for more than 30 seconds with a gel lamp, trim it with the built-in file.

Slightly lift the edge of the sticker, smear the remover in the gap, and gently push it with the built-in wood stick to remove it.
Why Glossy Blossom is special
01. quality: Bold glass bead gloss
-Glossy Blossom's unique real gel gloss that does not collapse from any angle
02. design: full color & glitter
-Art design based on the unique color data of Glossy Blossom
03. strength: ultra-adhesive nails
Perfect for nails with various curves that do not lift at any curve
How to use.
STEP 01. Remove oil and moisture using nail remover.
STEP 02. Choose a size that is 10% smaller than the size of your nail.
STEP 03. Do not touch the adhesive side, remove it, and stick it slightly off the cuticle.
STEP 04. Cut the ends using the built-in file or nail clippers.
STEP 05. After baking for more than 30 seconds with a gel lamp, finish the line with the built-in file and it's done!

How to remove.
Apply nail polish remover to the built-in wood stick and gently push it out from the edge.


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    122 Jomaru-ro 385beon-gil, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do (14556)
We develop the most efficient solution for your brand. YOON & FACTORY is a distribution agency that discovers and nurtures potential brands and develops and markets the most efficient solutions so that the brands can settle in the market. Among them, glossyblossom is a nail sticker manufacturer specializing in hardened gelatin stickers. our gel nail strip sticker has the advantage of being easy to store and easy to attach at any time, and is a patented product that shines without a top coat also we process the silk screen print, so the color is more clear than other off-set print product and we have certificates that have passed the stability test of SGS, KC, and GMP in Korea, so we also sell gel nail stickers for children as well.
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    Gel nail strip sticker
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