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FAKETTT - Red Life

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  • Brand
    Model VOL 17
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    57.5mm x 87.5mm
  • Package Includes
    1 type of tattoo sticker, instruction manual, 1 piece of alcohol swap, season goods sticker
  • Material
    transfer paper, ink, PE
  • age-appropriate
    8 years of age or older
  • Gender
    all genders
  • Function
    tatto sticker
Fake.ttt 22’ 3rd season
#Variety of Life
[ Amusement park ]
An amusement park where you can enjoy life only once

there is always a twist
FAKETTT's unrivaled product quality
-Real tattoo style
: FAKETTT uses pressure attachment technology to minimize the glitter of the sticker.
This not only adds convenience, but also creates a matte and natural color like a real tattoo.
-Easier to attach, Upgraded quality
: FAKETTT prioritizes adhesion improvement based on seasonal QC.
With the highest level of product quality in the current market, enjoy your tattoo life easily and comfortably.

Attachment method
① First, prepare the tattoo sticker, the enclosed alcohol pad, and scissors.
② Remove oil and moisture from the attachment area with an alcohol swab.
Oily water remaining on the skin can cause poor adhesion, so be sure to go through this process!
③ While the alcohol is drying, cut out the design you want with scissors.
It's okay if you don't necessarily cut along the lines of the design. :)
④ Separate the film paper with the design and the paper.
At this time, the sticker may be attached to the finger, so hold the extra area except for the design part.
⑤ Place the desired design on the dry skin where the alcohol is completely dry and press it.
Apply pressure all over, paying special attention to the edges!
⑥ When you press it, you can see the part where the film is separated as it is naturally attached to the skin.
If you can't see it, try to remove several edges, but if it doesn't seem to be attached, press it harder.
⑦ Remove the film from the attached edge.
At this time, gently push the film paper with your fingers as if separating the film paper and the sticker.
⑧ The thin lines in the middle may be torn, so press firmly while removing the film!
⑨ Even if it seems to be completely attached, if you peel it off at once, the attached part will tear.
Therefore, remove the film while checking whether it is attached slowly.
⑩ If the edge seems to be lifted, clean it with an alcohol pad or wet tissue.
Over time, it settles into the skin and a more natural tattoo is completed!

Uninstall method
: After soaking the body, apply an oil-type cleanser and rub with a shower towel.
It can be removed with cellophane tape, but those with sensitive skin should refrain from it.


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  • Name : Sooyoung Kim
  • Tel : 01046322284
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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 24 Dongsomun-ro 34-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (02807)
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    Sooyoung Kim
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    24 Dongsomun-ro 34-gil, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (02807)
Hand draw temporary tattoo design brand FAKE.TTT to present uniqueness to your daily life SPECIAL & NEW Start a new daily accessory life with FAKE.TTT. Hand drawing illustration tattoo art design with fashion trends and sensuous designs Tattoo illustration based designer brand If you are looking for a special style of tattoo art that is different from others, High quaility Designer Goods, FAKE.TTT FAKE.TTT's unrivaled product quality -Real tatoo style: Minimize the glitter of the sticker by utilizing pressure attachment technology. Therefore, not only the convenience of attachment, but also the matte and natural color development like a real tattoo. -Easier to attach, Upgraded quality: Based on seasonal QC, improving attachment is our top priority. With the highest level of product quality in the current market, enjoy your tattoo life easily and comfortably.
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    Temporary tattoo
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