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Metal 3D Printer, 3D Printer, 3D Molded Printer, Three-dimensional molding, Additive Manufacturing

  • Payment
    L/C(sight) , T/T
  • MOQ
    1 Set
  • Supply Ability
    100,000 Set per One-Time
  • Supply Details
    Customization Sample Order

    Negotiable / Depend on Quantity

  • Country of sale
    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, Africa
    • FOB

      USD 225,000.00

      (1 Set)


  • Brand
    Model DAVID 1.0, DAVID 2.0, DAVID 2.5, DAVID 4.0
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    Laser output - 300w,
  • Function
    PBF(Powder Bed Fusion) Type, SLM Process,
  • Material
    Internal casing-AL alloy, External casing-CS
  • Color
    Beige(Buyer selection color is available)
  • Dimensions
    Installation space : min. 1,100 x 3,000 x 2,500mm
  • Weight
  • Style
    PBF(Powder Bed Fusion) type
  • Expiry Date
    Over 100,000 hours of use
  • Condition
    New product
  • Features
    SLM(Selected Laser Melting) Process
  • Gender
  • age-appropriate


Metal 3D Printer [DAVID Series]
Product Name Metal 3D Printer [DAVID Series]
Model/Series No. DAVID 1.0, DAVID 2.0, DAVID 2.5, DAVID 4.0
Brand Name DAVID
Weight Approx. 350kg
Height 1,800mm
Width 900mm
Depth 680mm
Color Beige(Buyer selection color is available)
Materials Internal casing-AL alloy, External casing-CS
Technical parameters PBF(Powder Bed Fusion) Type, Output 300W Laser System
Expiration Date Over 100,000 hours of use
Origin Republic of Korea
Key Features
1. Gain precision for Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) Type
2. High efficiency, precision, three-dimensional molding products are produced by the additional manufacturing of the laser melting (SLM) process.
3. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) design enables robustness and lightweight metal construction
4. Safety-first product design and easy driving methods
5. The variety of uses available for a wide variety of metal powder materials.
1. Innovative 3D molding to cope with metal casting processes
2. Industrial molds, jewelry, prosthetics, joints, bones, medical uses, etc.
3. Includes remote surveillance for 24-hour convenience
How to use
1. 3D metal printers are composed of laser devices, scanners, computers and monitors, dust collectors, and various electrical safety devices.
2. The metal 3D printer has a single-phase voltage of 220 volts and requires up to 20 amps of power.
3. The metal powder used uses round spheres of 14 to 45 micrometers.
4. The modeling data being entered is formed in each x-layer by the slicing program and is additionally manufactured (AM) to produce metal molds.
5. When laser melting occurs, inert gas is charged inside the chamber to prevent oxidation.
6. Inert gases include argon and nitrogen, and nitrogen generators may be used for nitrogen.
7. Metal products that have completed three-dimensional molding require heat treatment to remove stress generated during melting.
8. The three-dimensional molding AM (Adactive Manufacturing) has a supporter, which is then removed and the surface is treated.
1. The voltage used by the metal 3D printer is 220 volts in a single phase, but when using a nitrogen generator, 380 volts of power is required.
2. The installation of a metal 3D printer should level the floor flat.
3. The installation of metal 3D printers shall be selected in a well-ventilated location and, if necessary, a supply exhaust fan shall be installed.
4. When supplying metal powder to metal 3D printers, workers must wear dust masks and protective glasses, wear dust-resistant gloves and work clothes.
5. When handling light metal powders (aluminum, magnesium, titanium, etc.), the operator must work in anticipation of a light explosion of the powder.
6. Metal 3D printer operators should be authorized as handlers only by those trained by MERAIN Co., Ltd., and those who are not trained should not drive.
7. The location for the metal 3D printer installation should have at least 1,100 mm x 3,000 mm x 2,300 mm high space and be easy to move.
8. Always clean the laser lens and replace the recorder blade before operating the metal 3D printer.
Warranty Period
One year after the test drive
Warranty Description
Quality Assurance Letter
Company Overview
I will pursue technological innovation and always try my best.
Merain Co,. ltd. is paying attention to long-term success with its customers through core technologies in metal 3D printing manufacturing and metal powder process and design technologies, called the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Metal 3D printers are fast, stable, and lead the development of technologies in aviation, automobiles, ships, jewelry, and healthcare, which are key value-added businesses.

Through research and development and investment, we are expanding our business areas such as 3D printing service, education, metal powder materials, and 3D printing software, and we will strive to become a leading company that provides various services in the future.
Factory Information
Address : 337, Bupyeong-daero, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Republic of Korea
[Bupyeong J-Tower 3rd Knowledge Industry Center No. 929–930]
Factory Site Area : 47.104 ㎡, Manufacturing facility area : 172.36 ㎡, Area of ancillary facilities : 166.9 ㎡
Retention classification : Possession, [Digital Additive Manufacturing Machine Manufacturing]
Our Service
Metal 3D Printer Development and Manufacturing, Printing service
Our Policy
Merain Co., Ltd. leads the industry as a supplier of total solutions such as metal 3D printer development, metal powder, SW, and education.
We offer you a customized proposal with the best consulting skills of industry professionals in equipment development, materials and diverse fields.

We will explore medical devices, aviation, national defense, and power generation that can be printed with metal 3D printers.

We will consider customer satisfaction the best value and become the best partner to improve our customers' competitiveness.
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This supplier supports payments for offline orders
  • Letter of Credit : L/C(sight)
  • Telegraphic Transfer : T/T
Contact Payment Manager
  • Name : HUNG KYU PARK
  • Tel : 82-18003580
  • Email : info@merain.kr


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 337 Bupyeong-daero, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon (21315)
MERAIN Co., Ltd.

MERAIN Co., Ltd.

www.merain.kr Seller_Mail
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    337 Bupyeong-daero, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon (21315)


MERAIN Co., Ltd.
MERAIN Co., Ltd. is a metal 3D printer development and manufacturing company. Our products are PBF (Powder Bed Fusion) types, making metal 3D printers that manufacture jewelry (rings, brooches, necklaces, logos, etc.), medical (dental prosthetics, joints, face prosthetics, etc.), and industrial (mold, mock-up, prototypes, etc. without traditional casting or cutting processes. In addition to manufacturing medical devices such as dental prosthetics and bone plates for dentistry around the world, we also manufacture ballpoint pens and fountain pens and sell them to customers online using our metal 3D printer DAVID1.0. If your company needs a metal 3D printer, feel free to visit us. From ordering to driving and follow-up services, we will be responsible for your support. In addition, we will do our best to satisfy your order for metal 3D printing products. Thank you.
  • Business Type :
  • Main Product :
    Metal 3D Printer
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
    1~3 million (KRW)
  • Total Employees :
    5~10 people



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  • Total revenue
    1~3 million (KRW)
  • Total export revenue (previous year in USD)
  • Number of foreign trade employees
    5~10 people


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