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Ti grade 23 powder (EML)

Ti grade 23 powder

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    COD , T/T
  • MOQ
    10 Kilogram (kg)
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    Asia, Americas, Europe, Middle East, World Wide
    • EXW

      USD 215.00

      (1 Kilogram (kg))


  • Brand
    Ti grade 23 powder (EML)
    Model EML230619-01P
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
  • Size(Capacity)
    15~45 ㎛, 45~150 ㎛
  • Weight
    Density of 4.51 g/cm²
  • Features
    Excellent strength and corrosion resistance
  • Material
    Ti based powder
  • Color


EML (Eloi MateriaLs) provides total solutions for advanced materials by developing breakthrough technologies and producing world-class products, empowering industries to reach new heights of performance and efficiency. 
Business areas: 
Advanced alloys and alloy ribbons
High-purity spherical metal powders
Multi-functional coating and multi-component alloy targets
Total solutions for metal 3D printing
Equipment technology
Equipped with advanced manufacturing technology, EML specializes in the refinement and alloying of materials, and EML’s patented gas atomization system designs enable the production of world-class, high-purity, spherical metal powders. 

**** Ti grade23 Powder ****
>Size: 15~45 ㎛, 45~150 ㎛
>High-purity, spherical powder
> Lightweight, high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, superior biocompatibility, excellent processability, high heat resistance
> With these features and advantages, Ti Grade 23 is widely utilized in the medical field for implants, artificial joints, dental devices, and more. It is also applied in aerospace industries, automotive sectors, and sports equipment, among other diverse fields.



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  • Tel : 03151866283
  • Email : syki@eloiml.com


Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 77 Changnyong-daero 256beon-gil Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do (16229)
EML (Eloi MateriaLs) Co., Ltd.

EML (Eloi MateriaLs) Co., Ltd.

www.eloiml.com/eml/index.php?lang=2 Seller_Mail
  • The person in charge

    Eunsoo Park
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  • Address

    77 Changnyong-daero 256beon-gil Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do (16229)


EML (Eloi MateriaLs) Co., Ltd.
A GLOBAL LEADER IN THE MATERIALS & PARTS INDUSTRY Founded based on technological innovation, EML (Eloi MateriaLs) provides total solutions for advanced materials by developing brealthrough technologies and producing world-class products in advanced alloy materials, metal powders, PVD coating/targets, and metal 3d printing. We are committed to delivering innovative products as a global leader in the materials and parts industry. We also promise to pursue shared growth with our communities and partners to grow into a loved and respected company. Advaned alloys | Advanced alloys and alloy ribbons Superalloys (Ni-based, Co-based, Fe-based, Nb-based, etc.) Functional alloys (high entropy alloys (HEAs), amorphous alloys, etc.) High-purity alloys and pure metals (Ti, Zr, Mo, etc.) ASTM standard specimens (tensile test, creep test, etc.) Adaptations possible as required Metal powders | High-purity spherical alloy/pure metal powders Powders for medical applications (Ti-based, Co-based, STS, etc.) Brazing powders (Ni-based, Cu-based, Ti-based, Ag-based, Sn-based, etc.) Thermal/plasma/HVOF spray powders (W-, Co-, Fe-, Ni-based, etc.) Magnetic powders (Fe-, Co-based, etc.) Functional powders (HEAs, amorphous alloys, hardfacing, etc.) Powders for aerospace applications (Cu-, Al-, Ti-based, INCONEL, etc.) Superalloy powders (Ni, Nb, Co, Fe-based, etc.) 3D printing powders (INCONEL 625, 718, 738, Cu, CuZrCr, Mo, MoTi, CuCrNb, etc.) Customization possible Equipment Technology | Equipment Design & Development Intelligent gas atomization (VIGA, EIGA) VIM (Vacuum Induction Melting) VPM (Vacuum Plasma Melter) Metal 3D Printer (DED) Customization possible PVD coating/target | Multi-functional coating/multi-component alloy targets Colored alloy targets (silver, red gold, yellow gold, platinum, dark blue, etc.) Low friction and wear resistant coating targets (ZCS) Hard coating for tools/molds (TiAlCr, AlCr) Targets for modern display devices (planar and cylindrical rotating Mo-, MoTi-Targets etc.) Precious metal targets (Ag, Pt, Au, etc.) Ceramic targets (Y2O3, YSZ, GeTe, etc.) Customization possible Metal 3D printing | Total solutions for metal 3D printing Direct energy deposition (DED) equipment Material design and development Metal powder Pre-processing services (structural analysis, tool path planning, 3D scanning, etc.) Process optimization Additive manufacturing services (parts, ASTM standard patterns, repairs) Post-processing services (HIP, heat treatment, machining, surface treatment, etc.)
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  • Main Product :
    Metal Powder
  • Established :
  • Total Annual Revenue :
  • Total Employees :
    11~50 people



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    11~50 people


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EML (Eloi MateriaLs) Co., Ltd.
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