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KOKOK 3-Ply Nose Filter Reusable Breathable Nasal Plugs Air Filteration for Dust, Pollution, Block C

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  • Brand
    Model EB-YJ-KOKOK-S
  • origin
    Republic of Korea
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  • Package Includes
    Pack of 3
  • Gender
    All Gender
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    All ages

Reusable: The nose filters are reusable, which makes them an eco-friendly and cost-effective choice. Users can wash and reuse them multiple times, reducing waste and the need for frequent replacements.


3-Ply Design: The 3-ply design ensures effective filtration of dust and pollution particles, offering respiratory protection during various outdoor activities.


Breathable: The filters are designed to be breathable, allowing users to wear them comfortably for extended periods without feeling suffocated or uncomfortable.


Nasal Plug Design: The nasal plug design makes these filters easy to use and discreet. They fit comfortably inside the nostrils, providing filtration without obstructing normal breathing.


Protection Against Dust: The nose filters effectively filter out dust particles, which can be especially helpful for individuals with allergies or sensitivity to airborne particles.


Protection Against Pollution: With their filtration capabilities, the filters offer protection against pollution, such as smog and airborne pollutants, helping users breathe cleaner air.


Block Cold Air: The nose filters are designed to block cold air, which can be beneficial during colder seasons, protecting the nasal passages from the discomfort of cold air inhalation.


Suitable for Small Size: The pack contains filters sized for a small fit, ensuring a snug and secure fit for users with smaller nostrils.


Comfortable to Wear: The filters' lightweight and comfortable design make them easy to wear without causing discomfort or irritation.


Portable: The pack of 3 filters is compact and portable, allowing users to carry them conveniently in a bag or pocket for easy access whenever needed.


Versatile Use: These nose filters can be used during various outdoor activities, such as cycling, jogging, hiking, or commuting, providing respiratory protection on the go.


Hygienic: The filters can be easily cleaned and maintained, promoting better hygiene and preventing the build-up of dirt and pollutants.


Suitable for Allergies: The nose filters can be beneficial for individuals with allergies, as they help reduce exposure to allergens in the environment.


Non-Intrusive: The nasal plug design is non-intrusive and discreet, making it suitable for everyday use without drawing attention.




Enhanced Comfort: Ultimately, the KOKOK 3-Ply Nose Filter Reusable Breathable Nasal Plugs offer enhanced comfort, respiratory protection, and convenience. With their reusable design and effective filtration capabilities, they provide a practical solution for blocking dust, pollution, and cold air, improving overall respiratory well-being and comfort during outdoor activities.

SAME FUNCTION AS NOSE HAIR – KOKOK nose filter is a safe and comfortable product that maximizes the function of the ‘nose hair’ in the nose. Breathing, odor classification, dust filtration, humidity maintenance, temperature control.
EASY TO BREATHE, EASY TO FILTER – In the air that comes in when you breathe, KOKOK nose filter functions to safely dispose of foreign substances. When the external temperature enters the nose, KOKOK nose filter is properly adjusted to the temperature of our body.
IN DIVERSE SITUATION & PLACES OF USE - It can be used anywhere in daily life. It is particularly good to use in public facilities or industrial sites. For those who have no hair due to treatment. suffering from atopic runny nose, pregnant women and the elderly who are vulnerable disease, frequently engage in outdoor activities such as leisure sports.
COMPLEX COMPOSITIONS - Urethane Filter (Step-1): Filtering incoming air when breathing. HEPA Filter (2-Step): Functioning HEPA filter (0.1-0.6 micron). Urethane Filter (3-Step): Filter one more time until the end.
INVISIBLE BUT STRONG – Urethane filter in the form of a microscopic anthill maximizes the role of the nose hair. The urethane filter flexibly changes according to your nose’s shape and environment.


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ECOBRAUN co.,Ltd Introducing our company. Our company was founded in 2015. We are a company that produces health functional foods using special materials. The product 'KOKOK' is a nose filler product that is inserted into the nose. It is a product that can be used anywhere, including industrial workers and the general public. It is particularly inconspicuous and does not stand out at all in everyday life. It is a functional product that blocks fine dust, industrial dust, pollen, and cold air. In particular, it helps all people such as pregnant women and children with weak immunity, industrial workers, patients with missing nose hair, and industrial workers in their daily lives. 'KOKOK' will protect you and your family.
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  • KOKOK 3-Ply Nose Filter Reusable Breathable Nasal Plugs Air Filteration for Dust, Pollution, Block C
  • KOKOK 3-Ply Nose Filter Reusable Breathable Nasal Plugs Air Filteration for Dust, Pollution, Block C