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VITALBRA At-home Breast Care Massager

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    Model VTB2022
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    Republic of Korea
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    Breast enhancer
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    Management of breast shape easily and smartly
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    2022new product
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    Beautiful breast easily at home
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Dimension : 47*29*11cm
Net.wt : 2kg
Private Bust Care.
The beginning of a healthy fit that fills volume and elasticity.
#Enhance Breast Firmness #Increase Breast Volume #Prevent Breast Aging

At-home Breast Massager.
Don't settle for expensive one-time treatments that offer no long-term solutions.
- Bra ridden up by small breasts.
- Sagging and bunching caused by big breasts.
- Swelling or discomforting breasts.

Improves skin elasticity and lifting effect.
Enhances detoxification and muscle relaxation.
Helps refine your contours manages breast volume.

Gently pulls breast tissues with powerful 3-step suction.
Promotes blood circulation with low-frequency massage in the secured space while supplying nutrients.

When sufficient nutrients are supplied to the expanded breast area, it results in increased volume and elasticity effects.

Sustainable elasticity with just three sessions per month.
You can maintain long-lasting elasticity by performing the massage regularly, only 2-3 times a month.

Unleash, uplift, and enhance your bust Noticeable Vital Bra results!
Improves breast volume and elasticity.
Prevents breast sagging and enhances elasticity and volume through stimulation of breast tissues.
Promotes breast blood circulation.
Relieves the tightness of clustered breasts through massage, promoting detoxification and muscle relaxation.
Slims accessory breast tissues and surrounding contours.
Increases breast volume while shaping the accessory breast tissue and refining the surrounding contours.
Accessory breast tissues: breast tissue located in areas other than the chest, such as the armpit.
Post-operative Breast Care.
Improves texture smoothly and naturally through consistent massage after breast augmentation surgery.
Consult with a specialist before use.
Enhanced graft survival rate after fat transfer.
Minimize skin tension and maximize graft survival rate by increasing adipose tissue before fat transfer procedure.
Consult with a specialist before use.

Resolves your breast concerns in just one hour a day,for a month.
Designed with a protective silicone membrane, our product allows for lifelong care without the need for pad replacements.

Start customized care based on your breast type with Vital Bra.
Care by breast types.

Total management of the breasts.
Simultaneous use of the negative pressure and low-frequency massage technique.

Vacuum adjustment.
It can pull breast tissues to secure space using the powerful 3-step vacuum pressure ranging 30-75mmHg.
Safe stimulation
It provides a safe stimulation based on the circadian rhythm.
Creating more space within the breasts
It expands the space within the breasts to fill them with elasticity from the inside.
Facilitate breast tissue formation
By accelerating the regeneration process, it stimulate the growth of tissue cells.
Achieves firmness and volume
It helps achieve firmness and volume through continuous repetition.
Using a powerful negative pressure of 30-75mmHg, the vacuum is applied gradually based on skin sensitivity.

The low-frequency massage utilizes three modes of TENS commonly used in physical therapy settings.
TENS function.
The low-frequency (TENS) function utilizes microcurrent and low-frequency waves to enhance blood circulation, ensuring an ample supply of nutrients. This helps promote breast tissue proliferation and improves skin elasticity.

Patented technology including a dual-x-layered silicone protective film.
Patented 0.8mm of silicone protective film.

Conductive pads
- Made with carbon material, the pad provides excellent adherence and conductivity for low-frequency current.
Nipple protector
Dual-x-layer silicone protection film

To alleviate nipple discomfort and address concerns regarding side effects on the breasts, VitalBra has introduced a dual-x-layer silicone protective film.
- The thin silicone membrane prevents side effects even under strong pressure.
- It effectively suctions the excess fat around the breast, resulting in optimal volume satisfaction.
- Made with natural silicone, it prevents skin troubles.
- With its uniform pressure distribution, it helps maintain a consistent breast shape.

Private care possible with a lightweight cup weighing 380g.
Long-lasting comfort even during extended wear.
- A 380g of patented, lightweight silicone dome.
- Comfy fit.
It is designed to fit the natural contours of the body and be lightweight enough to be worn for long hours without the need for extra bras, which are necessary in other brands.
Total care
The simultaneous use of suction and low-frequency technology.
Low-frequency massage
Gradual vacuum effect. Massage of stiff area.
Ultra-powerful pressure
Overwhelming suction capability using 30-75mmHg of pressure.
Dual-x-layer silicone
Patented 0.8mm-thin sili- cone membrane.

Vital Bra Size.
Small dome - Underbust circumference 75cm 75A,B,C/80A,B
Large dome - Underbust circumference 85cm 80C/85A,B,C

A more private DIY-at home solution than professional care.
Precise pressure 3 types of modes Worn in just 2 seconds

Connecting the Controller and Tube.
Before wearing the dome, you can connect the massage dome by inserting the tube into the connection port on the controller.

User setting.
Press power to secure vacuum for about 10 seconds in advance.

Wearing the massage domes.
Apply gel on both breasts and wear the domes by bending the lower back.
Press down on the domes firmly and hold for 2 to 3 minutes to lock in the pressure.
*Applying gel helps to gather the excess fat around the breasts towards the chest area, enhancing the massage effect.

Controller function setting.
You can adjust the levels of vacuum (VACUUM) and low-frequency (TENS) according to your preference and use the respective buttons for each function on the controller.

How to use the controller.
The controller should be fully charged before use.

Power button
- Pressing the power button once activates the device, and pressing it again will turn off the power after approximately 8 seconds.

- The pressure button compressing the chest can be used in various levels.

- A total of 16 stages.
Low-frequency intensity control button.

TENS Button
- Press the low-frequency button for different modes.
* Press once for low, twice for medium, three times for high, four times for high(repeating),press five times to stop operation.

Connecting the low-frequency pads.
1. Connect the low-frequency pads to the controller.
2. Attach the pads to your shoulders, calves, and abdomen. Press the power button to turn on the device.
3. Press the TENS button and adjust the intensity level according to your preference.

How to apply the low-frequency pad. 1. Ensure that the pads are well-adhered to the skin without any lifting.
*If the pads lift, you may occasionally experience a slight tingling sensation.
2. After using the pads, attach the transparent film to the pads and place them back into the original vinyl pack provided.
*If the pads are exposed to air for an extended period, the gel component may harden, making it difficult for them to adhere properly.
3. The low-frequency (TENS) function provides the same functionality as the pain treatment low-frequency used in hospitals and is effective for muscle pain, swelling, and other conditions.

How to care the domes.
How to clean
After use, clean the gel thoroughly using a wet wipe or a microfiber towel.
How to care
Gently pat dry with a soft cloth and store it.

Package listing.
Massage domes/ Controller/ Moisture gel/ TENS pads/ 5-pin cable/ User manual/ Authenticity certificate

Frequently Asked Questions.
Q. When using the product, it may produce a loud noise.
- The noise generated during product usage is the sound of the vacuum motor, which operates only when the vacuum function is activated.
Once the desired vacuum level is reached, the sensor detects it and the motor stops, eliminating thenoise.
The noise occurs only when the motor is drawing in air, so there is no need to worry as it is not a device malfunction.
Feel free to use the product with confidence.

Q. The noise doesn't stop while the vacuum is in operation.
- If the pressure is not forming inside the massage dome, the motor may continue to operate.
We recommend placing the product on a flat surface and activating the vacuum function to see if the motor stops.
If it does not, please contact our customer service center for further assistance.

Q. It seems like the intensity of the TENS function is weaker on one side.
- The TENS function of the massager operates when both electrode pads, one with a positive pole and the other with a negative pole, make contact with the skin.
There should not be a situation where the current is concentrated on only one side.
To confirm, you can apply a small amount of gel to your thumbs and hold the left electrode pad with one hand and the right electrode pad with the other hand to check the sensation.
If you notice a significant difference in intensity between the two sides, please contact our customer service for further assistance.



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Shipping from : Republic of Korea
  • 62 Daehak-ro, Dong-gu, Daejeon (34520)
MIHO Biztech Co., Ltd.

MIHO Biztech Co., Ltd.

www.vitalbra.com Seller_Mail
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MIHO Biztech Co., Ltd.
Miho BIZTECH CO., LTD was founded in 2018 and is one of the concerns of women around the world pursuing beauty, the stress of chest dwarfism, discomfort and fear of wearing silicone pads or thick pads in braziers, and economical. In view of the burden, we patented a double silicone safety net and manufactured and exported VITALBRA, a multifunctional chest massager, to help all women maintain and manage their healthy and beautiful breasts at home, without any burden, comfort, safety, and economy. It is a company that is actively promoting distribution.
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    Knowledge Service
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    Less than 100 million (KRW)
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    Less than 5


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