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Wooden Diffuser Holder (for Vehicles & Home Decor) / Unicorn

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    Wooden Diffuser Holder


Wooden Diffuser Holder




Animal Shapes



A single luxury item that transforms the atmosphere of your place



This diffuser holder is crafted from pure, high-quality wood with a distinctive design.




'Small Living'



Harmonizing fragrance and decoration



Suitable for use in vehicles, homes, shops, and offices





Goes well with any surroundings



Your own space



Offers a distinctive and luxurious interior effect



The diffuser holder installed onto Vehicle Vent.





Diffuser fiber stick attachment & using with a stand base



A sophisticated and simple wooden accessory and diffuser, downsized from the wall decorations that were widely used in Europe and the Americas.





Majestic 'Deer




The magnificent antlers of this mysterious guardian of the forest were widely regarded in Western societies as talismans that ward off evil spirits.





Sharp Unicorn



In European medieval tales, the unicorn symbolized purity and innocence, but in modern times, it is embraced as a symbol of rarity and fantasy.





Bold 'Buffalo'



Buffalos, known for their dedicated protection of their families, have been carved into totems by Indigenous peoples as symbols of protection.





Distinguished Material



A rare wood known for being utilized in high-end musical instruments and furniture.








Padouk, which grows in Sub-Saharan Africa and Indonesia, is a rare wood species known for its vibrant red hue and is used in premium furniture. It is cherished by wood artisans due to its luxurious color and the patterns in the grain, and it is currently treated as a protected species.




This meticulously selected wood, traded at high prices, possesses a unique deep wood aroma, making it an optimal material that satisfies both visual and olfactory senses.






The Initial Color of Padouk




Padouk's Color Evolution Over Time



Another appealing aspect of the wooden car diffuser holder is that its color and tone deepen as time passes.





Wood interior experts appreciate Padouk because the wood's initial bright reddish-brown color gradually matures into a more luxurious shade.




Rather than aging with time, you'll discover the refinement of wooden accessories that become more dignified.




Processing that preserves the wooden texture and the uniqueness of Padouk




To keep that special Padouk scent alive, we crafted the diffuser holder without using any fancy chemical treatments, just the way the wood naturally is.





After cutting the wood to a thickness of 2mm, the surface was finished with wide sanding #120 and #240. Then, it was slowly dried at an appropriate temperature to prevent warping, thus maximizing the wood's natural texture and feel.




Right after shaping the wood, we didn't add any fancy coatings like oil stains. We wanted to keep that natural wood vibe intact and boost the diffuser's power to soak up the good stuff.





Using surface treatments can actually slow down the diffuser's ability to soak up the essence, even if we process it thinly. That's why we keep the wood as it is, without any extra coatings.





Components (Pre-assembled)



Air Freshener Holder (Main Unit)



Car Clip



Secure Base Stand
















Product info



Model number: PB-AD1



Size: 65x55.5x72mm (Width, Height, Depth)



Weight: 19g





Model Number: PB-AU1



Size: 35.6x56.5×60mm (Width, Height, Depth)



Weight: 21g





Model number: PB-AB1



Size: 51x53x45.5mm (Width, Height, Depth)



Weight: 23g







How to install



In the car



1. Insert the car clip into the air vent of your vehicle.

2. Pour the diffuser liquid in a way that it doesn't overflow.

3. You can also use a dropper or spray to apply the diffuser liquid.





Attach the magnet on the back of the product with the car clip. Make sure it fits tightly and adjust the air vent to the lowest setting to prevent it from falling.





Fiber Stick from the diffuser bottle:




Insert the end of the fiber stick into the second groove at the bottom of the holder. (Fiber stick thickness: 4-5mm)



The holder releases the fragrance as it absorbs through the fiber stick (this enhances the scent.)




In addition to being used as a car diffuser, it can also be used for decoration.






Usage tip




Spritz or drop the liquid using a spoid to the back of the holder.



Make sure to give the wooden surface enough time to absorb without overflowing.



(Applying a large amount at once may cause overflow.)





Adjust the amYou can also use your own perfume.

ount according to the intensity of the fragrance.






Caution: The wood is processed to a thickness of 2mm, making it fragile. Please use it for diffusers and decoration purposes only.



The product that is designed and produced directly by our senior designer,



And created with a strong foundation in the designer's accumulated knowledge and skills in design.


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